Do it Yourself Tile

Those handy with basic tools and an enthusiasm for home improvement projects will definitely find the time and energy to take on a do it yourself tiling job. A well thought out tile design can add thematic flavor, color, charm and a distinctive look to the space it is used in and the satisfaction of sitting back and enjoying the brightness your own hands have crafted, is unparalleled by another other instant makeover measure. Materials need for a DIY tile project A general checklist for a do it yourself tile project would run thus: multi-purpose thin-set, Chalk, Trowel, Spacers, Level, Tape measure, Sponge, Grout and float, Square and a Wet saw. Before starting on this ambitious enhancement venture, it would be wise to inspect the surface for any cracks and make sure it's level. Guidelines for do it yourself tile work Begin by measuring the area from the door in two or three places and mark the spots.

Look at the layout of the tile before you actually start the installation and decide how you want most of your cut tile on the least noticeable wall. At this point in time, you can adjust your pattern, even allowing for the any uneven spaces in the entryway. The next step would be to chalk a line from each side of the work area, then a cross line as well. Mix the thin-set according to package instructions - the thicker you mix, the easier it will be to handle.

Starting from the center, trowel the thin-set using the flat side and use the teeth of the trowel to create ridges. (For this work, a linear trowel line works best). Setting the tile on top of the thin-set, even it with the chalk line and push gently in place. Place the next tile and add spacers and when you reach the wall, measure the space and mark the tile.

The wet saw is used to line up the mark and cut the tile, then apply the thin-set and lay the tile. Once all the tiles are down, the drying period is 24 hours for it to be well set. Grouting the tile will require dropping a small amount onto the tile and using the float to gently press the grout into the crevices. Moistening a sponge, any excess grout can be wiped across and the curing period for the grout is another 24 hours.

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