Escape to Tranquillity in your garden

We live and work in a fast moving, fast talking, fast acting world. The pressure is on us from the minute we start our day. Working breakfasts and lunches mean even more phone calls to make, email to answer and meetings to attend but when the day draws to a close and your work is done it is great to get home, unwind and relax.

Although we recognise a powerful need to reduce stress levels many of us actually find it rather difficult. So why is this? For many people the answer lies in the way they manage their lives. They simply don't make room for relaxation. Sharing our living space with others often means it can be very hard to find a quiet place to relax. Even a brief period of time without noise and interruptions can be difficult to arrange.

We can find ourselves wishing for an 'oasis' of quietness; a spot where housemates don't force us to share their musical preference or loud conversations or where we can indulge our own musical tastes without disturbing others. So where are you going to find this magical space? How can you find room in an already overcrowded house? What compromises would need to be made to enable you to find the peace and quiet you need? Can it really be done? It has been said many times that if you really want something then you will find a way to make it happen. It isn't too hard to imagine the ideal situation where you actually add another complete room to your house.

Imagine how you could have it soundproofed, you could choose the right colours, windows, lighting, furnishings - in fact everything you need to provide a retreat from the world. At first, this dream room may sound a little far fetched and potentially expensive but actually it is quite easy to arrange. Creating a lovely quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is actually really easy and need not cost the earth but it may require careful thought and planning to organise. The answer is simple.

A bespoke, carefully designed garden room would give you the space to be yourself. A garden room could give you a place to meditate and think your own thoughts and most of all, would provide a wonderful place to relax - a special place where the rest of the world is kept at bay The first thing you need to do is decide where you want the room to be situated. Think about proximity to others. Would it be best to be at the bottom of the garden right away from other people? Perhaps you would like to take advantage of existing hard or soft landscaping and give yourself a peaceful garden view? You may want to look out over buildings or perhaps you prefer to see shrubs and trees.

It isn't important. Right now, just concentrate on exactly what you need to create your own personal garden of tranquillity. Easy isn't it?.

Graham Baylis is as busy a business man as you can be and he knows that it's a well known fact that people need space to think, and what better space is there than a peaceful spot in your own back garden. This is just the thinking behind Garden Escape's unique range of Garden Buildings. See their site at

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