Five Bedroom Decorating Tips For A Professional Look Without The Cost

We all want our bedrooms to be delightful and inviting as well as being a haven away from all the stresses that the modern world throws at us but many of us don't know how to properly decorate the bedroom without spending lots of money on professional consultation. Hopefully these bedroom decorating tips will help you create the room of your dreams. 1. Using accents. The best way to achieve this is by using decorative pillows.

Pile them high on your bed using a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, colours and patterns. Also candles are a great accent item not only can they add a splash of colour but they provide a wonderful mood altering scent as well. Scent in any bedroom is quite important, so why not look at placing some potpourri in a few small pots to complete the effect. 2. If you want to add enchantment and wonder to a little girl's room why not consider using special lighting.

A small decorative chandelier can be quite inexpensive and your daughter will enjoy looking at the sparkling light. 3. If you want to achieve a fresher look in your bedroom then why not consider using neutral colours. So many items within a bedroom can easily be adapted to match each season all you need to do is change the duvet cover, pillows and pictures for this to be easily achieved on a regular basis.

Using netural colors on the walls will help you be able to change the color of the room easier simply by changing out the bedding and accents. 4. If you want to make your decor a little more personalized why not gather a few small mementos based around a particular theme and display them in a picture frame with added depth (shadow box). Just think about the smile that will come to your face every time you see those memories before you.

You can also create little vignettes on a side table or bureau of favorite items. When grouping items, remember, that it is best to group in odd numbers - 3 or 5 items together will look better than 2 or 4. 5.

If you want to create the illusion of more space in the room then use cool light colours (whites, blues and greens) which will make the walls seem to recede. Also it is a good idea to paint the moldings around the room to match the walls and this will also create the illusion of space. It is also important that you look at the size of the furniture for the room, placing a king sized bed in a small room will just not work and by keeping the room clutter free you will be able to make the most of the space available to you. These bedroom decorating tips might seem simple and inexpensive, but they can really do the trick and help you to get a designer look in your bedroom for less.

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