How Garage Storage Can Save Your Marriage

"Get your dirty hunting crap out of my bathroom!" Is this something you hear often upon returning home from another successful hunting trip? Wives, do your husbands leave their tools, greasy car parts, and other manly miscellanea laying about on your good Jennifer Convertibles? Husbands, do your wives stock your closet so full of old baby clothes, dresses she will never fit into again, and knick-knacks from when you first got married that finding your shoes is like searching for Bobby Fisher? If either spouse answers yes to these questions, then something must be done. You should get garage storage! A Place For All Things Your closet is not the place for all the stuff you never use. Your closet is where you keep the things you use on a daily basis.

Your garage is where you hide away all those things that get used rarely, if ever. Garages aren't just for cars anymore. Men can keep their tools there, and women can stash away the baby clothes for the "just in case.

" There are so many options these days that it doesn't make sense not to store things in the garage. With all the extra things you have tucked away in your overstuffed house you can use a little garage storage space. And believe me, you spouse will thank you for not putting your "crap" where it doesn't belong. Garage storage comes in many different types and sizes.

You can choose to have just a small shelf, basket, or cabinet attached to an unused wall, or you can splurge for the much bigger cabinet with tons more storage space. The storage basket is more for toys, sports equipment, and small miscellaneous tools. Anything you want to put away with a fuss. The garage storage shelf is for stuff that won't fit in a conventional cabinet.

Things that you use often and want to keep in immediate reach. The storage cabinet is the grand daddy of garage storage. With storage cabinets you can choose from preconfigured sets consisting of 4, 6 or 10 cabinets. Add additional individual cabinets as needed. Garage Storage Makes Things Nice When your closet is finally free of unworn clothes and your furniture is free of messy tools, you and your spouse can finally stop bickering about not having enough space, or things being where they don't belong. Use all that unused space in the garage for storage, it's a good idea.

Heck, it might even save your marriage!.

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