How To Buy Your Own Home With Bad Credit

Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Judgements, and Liens Do Not Matter! I am astounded at the number of families, that have experienced these financial hurricanes, and think that they are doomed to renting. To think of all the hardship one goes through involving these nightmares, and to anticipate having to rent, would just about be the final straw. The great news is that you don't have to rent if you choose not to. If you prefer to have the peace of mind and security of owning your own home, there is a process titled "Lease With The Option To Purchase". In a lot of cases, credit was not even pulled, which shows the power involved using this technique to purchase your own home. I can remember when my credit would not qualify for a mortgage, after a tough divorce.

It was certainly difficult to go from owning a nice home, to being a renter. I needed to go through this experience I guess, so that I can write about it and perhaps help others. Enough of that, let's get back to our subject at hand, that being your new home. Did you notice the word "your" in the above sentence? That's because when you do this type of purchase, you are considered to be an owner, and not just a renter. One of the basic components to this program, is the fact that a portion of your monthly payment goes toward the price of the home. This means that if your Lease Option is structured correctly, the down payment requirements for your new lender will be satisfied.

This will take a little bit of time, but it is not unusual to accomplish down payment reserves in about 24 months. In order to accomplish this quick buildup of equity, the purchase price of the home must be locked into place at the closing. Coming soon, we will discuss how to set up the paperwork, so that all the benefits of the program are to your advantage.

And all this, by just living in your home and making timely payments. I have had Moms and Dads actually hug me after we finished the paperwork. They usually say that without this type of program, they do not know what they would have done.

I am so glad that this is available for all of us. Well that is about all I can do for this introductory article. In the next one, we will dive into the "How To" of finding homes.

You Can Do This-Because I Did... And I am Devoted To Your Success! This very powerful and legal technique, is for average people like you and I that need a second chance. No fluff-all meat and potatoes! To own your own home in 30 days or less, Guaranteed, visit us: ==>

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