Mitigating Risk - Mortgage Leads

Why would loan officers and mortgage brokers work with To mitigate their own risks when it comes to advertising. Loan officers and mortgage brokers profit from the loans they close on. If they have no clients, they have no profits. Mortgage leads mitigate those risks by providing leads that have already been:

  • Pre-Filtered
  • Pre-Qualified uses multiple interfaces to reach a client base that is nationally based. Local mortgage brokers and loan officers are then provided with leads that are within their own local area. Using a service to generate leads benefits mortgage brokers in the following ways:
  • Increases Referrals
  • Close More Loans
  • Make More Appointments
  • Attracts New and Repeat Customers
  • Decreases Marketing Overhead
  • An Edge on the Competition
The sad fact is that the competition for loans increases every day. The turnover rate of loan officers that abandon their careers in loans is about 95% within 5 years. That leaves only 5% making serious profits from the business. It does not matter whether officers specialize in Home Improvement, New Home, Secondary, Refinance or Debt Consolidation loans, a mortgage lead service mitigates the marketing risk and improves their personal business.

The key is to take advantage of the leads generated. Depending on the type of lead service invested in, mortgage brokers need to employ lead management. This crucial piece of the puzzle will not only improve personal business, but also provide a traceable resource for budgeting marketing funds on a year-to-year basis.

Leads are provided in different quantities based on the personal specifications or options chosen by the officer. It's important to follow up on the leads as soon as possible. Because the leads have been pre-qualified and pre-filtered, providing detailed loan options to potential customers has never been easier.

More loans are being closed via lead services every day increasing the competitiveness of the market. Consumers want to shop their opportunities looking for better values, better interest rates and sometimes just a better payment. Because the consumer need is high, the supply must meet the demand. provides a crucial resource for officers who want to remain competitive. Internet savvy clients are more likely to surf the web in search of services and products than flip through the Yellow Pages. The potential client base is more than just private individuals, but also businesses. Real estate investment and small business loans are on the rise.

Mortgage brokers can optimize their market potential via mortgage leads. By contracting for a set number of leads for a set amount of dollars, mortgage brokers are not penalized for bad leads. They do not pay for leads that prove to be inaccurate or bad. This allows them to expand their business while minimizing their expenses. Taking advantage of mortgage leads requires good salesmanship. A good salesman will handle the follow-up and closing calls, making the most of the leads provided by the mortgage lead service. Taking advantage of pre-qualified, pre-filtered mortgage leads can ensure a profitable business.

To maximize their benefits while minimizing the risks, mortgage brokers should not only redistribute their marketing via traditional channels, but also engage personal lead management. A good management process will help to prevent leads from falling through the cracks. They will be able to prospect their leads in a timely fashion and improve their closing rates. In short order, they will mitigate their risks where their mortgage leads are concerned.

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