Parents Important Strategies to Teach Your Children

There are so many responsibilities that come with the title of "Parents." Without a doubt, we all enjoy our children. Our hearts soar when we see our children happy, knowing we played a role in that delighted expression. We glow with their successes and hurt during their failures. We dream for them and with them. We attempt to raise our children with a sense of value.

We teach them what we feel are important lessons to take with them into adulthood. And, we fear we will miss key values that will help them to avoid the pitfalls of learning too late. The list of pass-on wisdom is too long for any one conversation; however, below are lessons that will only add value to their lives, regardless of age or accomplishments. 1.Make a difference.

Not all fond memories are made up of grand efforts. The small, kind gestures that can be freely given typically are the most memorable. Teach children that their smiles and genuine hugs can brighten a lonely day.

Encourage them to befriend a loner in school, have them make a hand drawn card for their grandparents, offer to rake the elderly neighbor's yard, donate time to the less fortunate, etc. By persuading children to give of themselves is also supporting the absolute fact that they can make a difference in the lives of others and are truly valued members of the human race. 2.

Life is a gift How many of us have wished our days away only to say, "Wow, where did the time go?" Life is a gift and each day is a blessing. When you first lay eyes on children, smile and remind them that it is a beautiful day and to make the most of it. If they are grumpy help them find the brighter side of their issue, if they are facing a problem guide them to a peaceful resolution, if they are full of the negatives turn their thoughts to life and all of its opportunities. Life is too short to let it pass us by without recognizing the beauty that surrounds us. 3. Love everyone you can and don't expect that everyone will love you There are too many people on this planet to be able to love all and have those love you back.

Too many times we set our standards of worthiness not on the ones who love us but those who don't. It is normal to limit our friendship where feelings are mutual. Don't let children place their self worth on a losing battle.

Teach them to be nice to all but don't expect to be the champion to everyone. It isn't possible or healthy. 4. Think before you speak Words cannot be taken back and hurtful words can sour hearts. Practice the deep breath method.

when thinking of allowing the mouth to explode, take a deep breath and think. If restraint isn't possible, walk away. Regrets and pain will be fewer the more distance given to the bruised ego or heart. 5. Stand up for your beliefs while respecting others One of the many amazing rights we have in our country is the right to speak up when we feel wronged.

However, teach respectful methods of disagreements. Remind children which part of the head goes first, ears or mouth. When allowing ears the first opening we gain understanding which will lead to resolution while respecting all viewpoints. When it becomes time for our mouths to move, speak in a manner that is non-offensive. Our viewpoint will be more likely heard and appreciated.

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