Sofa Furniture Choose it Stylish and Durable

There is no denying that sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in any household and as a result, it has the greatest range of styles and qualities available for purchase. As there are many styles, it may actually be easier to first categorize them into either sectional or sleeper types which could be further divided by using the styles of their backs which normally done in four styles: tight back, attached pillow back, loose pillow back and multi pillow back. Tight back sofas have a very firm seat and one must sit upright as they don't have supporting pillow. It is suitable for people who do not have much time as the fabric normally used for this type of sofas is very easy to clean and additionally, there are no pillows to straighten. Attached pillow back sofas have softer seats and backs because the filled pillows are sewn into the backs of the sofas to prevent them to move around. However, as the pillows are permanently attached, it is more difficult to clean and 'hide' if they got stained.

Sofas that have loose pillow backs have the same number of seat and back cushions. The back cushions are normally reversible and can be unzipped for re-stuffing and cleaning purposes. The comfort of this type of sofas depends on the quality and firmness of the stuffing of the seat and back cushions as well as the depth of the sofa itself. Multi pillow back sofas are also referred as scatter back sofas and they have a larger number of back pillows than seat pillows, which can be casually scattered all over the sofas to create a casual looks. This type of sofas is usually more comfortable as the size of the sofas tend to be larger and deeper than other types.

Furthermore, they can also be classified by the types of skirts (dressmaker or boxpleat), arms (roll arm, Charles of London and tuxedo arm), and base treatments (upholstered foot and plinth base). Choosing the right type of sofa according to your lifestyle is highly advisable to get the maximum comfort out of it. For example, if the owner likes to lie down near the sofa, then it makes more sense to choose a sofa with arms that have lower pads than a high tuxedo arm.

Fabric of the sofa also plays a very important role, not only it must have a pleasant color and pattern, it must also be durable and easy to clean, as the cost of replacement in case of accidental damages could come close to a whole new sofa.

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