Stop Feeding Your Mice

Stop Feeding Your Mice [You are free to publish this article on your website and in your newsletter or ezine as long as it remains intact.] So why are you feeding your mice? Maybe you don't know you're feeding mice? The simple truth is that if you have mice, then you are feeding them. As a matter of fact if you don't see mice too often, it's probably because they have direct access to your food. You see, if it was hard for mice to find food, the chances are you would see them more. Why? Well, if they have to struggle to find food, then they are more active.

If the mice are more active then you'll see them. .and if they're more active, then you are more likely to get rid of them. Makes sense doesn't it? So, how do you stop feeding mice? First let's talk about what mice like to eat. That's pretty easy. Mice will eat just about anything you will.

But they do have some favorites. 1) Mice love sweets and grains. 2) Mice love chocolate and peanut butter.

3) Mice also love fruits and nuts. Mice Tip #1: You need to protect your pantry food and dry goods. Mice will chew right through cardboard. Food should be sealed in glass, metal or plastic containers. Dried grain products like cereal and rice will definitely attract mice. Everything in pantries and cupboards that is contained in paper or cardboard should be sealed in the containers - no exceptions! Check syrup, honey and jam jars.

Wipe down the jars so that there are no drippings along the edges. Try to put fruit in the refrigerator. You shouldn't leave anything out for mice to eat at night. Mice Tip #2: Clean up. When you go to bed at night, mice will come out and look for food.

Make sure that all dishes have been picked up. Do not leave food and dirty dishes in the sink. If you have a dishwasher, load it and run it every day to reduce the food supply for mice. Mice can survive on a small amount of food, and a simple dirty dish could be an entree for a mouse. Mice Tip #3: Pick up after your pets.

Cats are a great deterrent for mice. They are a natural predator for mice. But mice will eat cat and dog food, so feed pets at one sitting. Don't leave pet food out for any period of time. Mice will also eat animal feces, so if you have a dog, clean up his messes in the yard.

Mice Tip #4: Seal the Garbage The two most common places mice will be found in your home are near the kitchen and in the garage or where garbage is kept. Seal and remove kitchen garbage bags every night, even if they are not full. Garbage should be bound in plastic bags and placed in garbage bins that have lids.

If you do not have garbage bins, double wrap the smaller plastic kitchen bags in a larger plastic lawn bag. If you recycle, make sure that all containers are completely washed out and that no food is left in them. Mice Tip #5: Cover or Pick up Seed Remember when I said that mice love grains? Well, you need to make sure that grass seed and bird seed is also sealed in containers. It can be nice having a bird feeder but it's a bad idea if you're having problems with rodents. Bird seed will attract mice and other rodents.

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