Storage Solutions For Kids Bedrooms

Often times, your kids bedroom is the most disorganized and cluttered room in the house. Of course, children are a bit messy by nature but if you have inadequate storage or a disorganized storage plan, this can make things even harder. Here's some tips on creating more storage in your kids closet which can help declutter the whole room. The first thing you should do before you even start organizing the closet is to go through everything in the room and throw out anything that is not used. To accomplish this effectively, you should sort everything into 2 piles - the "keep" pile and the "toss" pile.

You can further break down the toss pile into items that can be donated and items that should just be thrown out. Using a closet organizer in your kids bedroom closet can really help to add extra storage space to the room. You can use one of the simple wire organizers that have some shelves and two tiered racks or go hog wild with one of the nice wooden ones with all kinds of drawers and other storage areas. No matter what type of closet organizer you have (or even if you just have a pole with a top shelf) you want to make the most use of your closet space. Since the very top shelf is not easily accessible for your child you want to store off season clothes and other items up there.

Buy some plastic containers and put the clothes inside - label the outside of the box and you will be able to easily see what is in what box. You can also store clothing from an older relative that might be too big this year but will fit next year in boxes up on the top shelf. Another way that you can double the closet space is to use hanging racks or double up on the rods. Since your childs clothing is not very long, it is not necessary for a full length from rod to floor - adding a second rod will double the amount of space you have to hang clothes.

Most closet organizers come with this type of system, but if you don't have a closet organizer, you can buy a simple hanging rod that hangs from the top rod to double the space. Help your kid to get his dirty clothes up off the bedroom floor by using a tall garbage can or tall cloth laundry bin inside the closet. Children are more apt to use a hamper if it is near where they are taking off their clothes and putting it in the closet will create more room in the bedroom and keep the dirty laundry out of site. A wicker basket can be placed inside the closet on the floor or on one of the shelves of a closet organizer in which to store stuffed animals and dolls. You can also use a hanging shoe bag for small toys and stuffed animals. Use another basket or shallow container to store shoes - this will help keep them together instead of all jumbled up all over the room.

If you have small children, you can organize their clothing for the week by choosing several outfits and then placing each outfit inside a hanging accessory bag. That way your child can simply go to the bag and take out everything he need to dress himself! In addition to the closet, you can organize shelves and use the space under the bed by storing toys and mementos in plastic storage bins and wicker baskets. The wicker baskets can look nice on shelves or in open areas and can even add to the décor while the plastic ones can go under the bed and in other "hidden" areas. While organizing your kids bedroom closet in this way can't guarantee that he or she will always be neat and put stuff away, it surely can't hurt!.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can get more tips on decorating kids bedrooms.

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