Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons For Buyers

Purchasing a new vacuum cleaner is never an easy decision. There are so many brands, and all of them offer different advantages and drawbacks. The smart consumer does a little research before deciding to purchase a quality vacuum cleaner that will last for years. If pets are in the house, a vacuum that is made to pick up animal hair, dander, and dirt is a must. One of the best vacuums available currently for this use is the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner.

With its powerful suction power and detachable vacuuming tools, the Dyson Animal vacuum was designed specifically to clean up after pets. Expect to pay around five hundred dollars for this vacuum, which comes with a two year warranty and is extremely durable. For hard-wood floors, there are several vacuum cleaners that could be a good choice. Oreck makes a vacuum called the Orbiter Floor Machine, which is specifically designed to vacuum bare floors without damaging even the most delicate flooring.

Hoover makes the FloorMate 3000 upright vacuum, which is likewise designed to clean dirt and debris from bare floors without causing damage. Another popular option is the Roomba, a small, automatic vacuuming 'robot' which can be set to vacuum on a timed schedule and leaves the consumer free to do other things while the Roomba is doing all the work. The Roomba can handle both tile and carpet, although it is not recommended for hard-wood flooring. While it does not clean as deeply as other brands, its convenience is a draw for many consumers.

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