What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Kitchen Cutlery Sets

Interested in assembling one or two kitchen cutlery sets? The first step is to learn about knives. Each knife in any of the different types of kitchen cutlery sets on the market has its own unique function. The following are the knives you'll need: Chef's Knife The Cook's, or Chef's, Knife is the one you'll call upon for slicing and dicing. Its about, on average, 9 inches long. You'll find that the blade is curved, which will help you perform tasks on the cutting board.

Think of it as the "work horse" knife. Yet, and this is a little knife trivia for you, the Chef's Knife is somewhat infamous as the knife used in the movie Halloween. The Bread Knife The Bread Knife has a thin, serrated blade. It averages 8 inches in length and, as you would expect, is used to cut bread (bet you didn't know how "knife smart" you were, did you?), making it indispensible to all good kitchen cutlery sets.

The Paring Knife The Paring Knife, while small in stature, is big in use as it's the favorite for peeling, coring and other exact work. It averages 3 inches in length. The Utility Knife The Utility Knife is of medium size ? about six inches. You'll use it for odd tasks as it has no distinct purpose. The Steak Knife The Steak Knife is used to cut the meat at meal time.

Thus it's looked fondly upon as it literally works to put food on the plates of hungry family members. The Cleaver Don't be afraid of the Cleaver. It only looks scary! It's a great piece of equipment that you'll use over and over, if you cook a lot, to chop and cut bone.

The Boning Knife As you may have guessed, or known, you'd use a Boning Knife to remove bones from cuts of meat. At around six inches in length, the Boning Knife snakes its way in between the meat and the bone and literally "pops" out from the meat. While the Cleaver can cut through bone, the Boning Knife is a little more elegant ? it "flips" the bone from the meat. The Fillet Knife Looking to fillet fish? Then you need the Fillet Knife, which, at around 10 inches in length, is a bigger version of the Boning Knife described above. So many knives! But now that you have passed Knives 101, the course they never gave you in high school Home Economics but should have, you are prepared to purchase kitchen cutlery sets for you, your friends and your family!.

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